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"Read in the name of your Lord who created you"

Bangladesh is our dear motherland. This country is our pride and pride. Maternal and child's responsibility is responsible for the development of every citizen. The main sources of awareness are circulated by the topics of education, quality of education and education system. Development of full time education demands time. With the support of the respected parents and Shudijons in the Ashrafabad area, and with the concurrence of the new century's expectations in the historic Kamrangirchar Police Station, comprising the Dhaka South City Corporation, the stronghold of the time and the demand of the people in a very quiet, wretched and pleasant environment Harvard School in the new horizon What is the "good start" of the Law.

"In the society, education and society's overall lifestyle and ideals." Although education is a tool of life, life of better life and social life, the current education system of Bangladesh can not yet be a part of Bangladesh. Education of the nation is piggy, but our country's education system has not been able to direct the direction of such a far-reaching person. In order to make students self-centered with self-restraint, disciplinedness, ideal character formation, the spirit of the heritage of Bengal, tradition and ideological intuition. Empowerment is the basis of national education and progress as a basis for education, which can be effective in creating human resources through intellectual and moral excellence. In the light of the inevitable realities of time, Harvard School has emerged in the minds of people to build honest, capable, skilled and skilled manpower in the special education system by coordinating the concept of marginal concept education (Jaiyeongkong). This organization has a group of dedicated teachers, advisors and experienced board members. Students who are behind their contact and sincere cooperation will be able to find the right path.

Harvard School (Awami Zaho Aholangkhak) will be developed as a center of education and a mind-set center in Bangladesh, with the earnest efforts of the respected saints, guardians and other dignitaries in this area. Finally, I wish you all cooperation and blessings. Allah accept our efforts. Amin



Why Choose Harvard School ?


Digital and air-conditioned classrooms, well-equipped laboratories and waivering. * The 37-hour dedicated staff of Harvard has 37 dedicated support staffs, which include expert, knowledgeable and modern information-technology knowledge based on the knowledge and skills of the country's most renowned educators. .

The student-teacher ratio of Harvard (Harvard) is 10: 1. The number of students in every class is 30 (maximum). Excellent opportunities to develop efficiently in modern IT.

Harvard Cultural Academy, Harvard Sports Academy, and Harvard Language Club - are organized in co-education programs throughout the year according to the academic calendar. What is fair and disciplined environment, smoking and politics and racket? Free Education. Different Regional, National and Un

Providing scholarships and annual certificates to poor and meritorious students. Applying daily computerized diary methods.

Operate the Harvard Cultural Academy by the renowned artist of the country. · Raising the beautiful, orderly character and values ​​of the soft students. • Provide dynamic leadership and help in building personality. The campus is surrounded by an Eidy camera Monitoring and Monitoring of Monitoring

Ensure regular presence of students for pure drinking facilities for students.

Training opportunities in the national level cultural organization including the Shishu Academy, Chayant and Art.

Physical Education and Drawing Class Arrangement

Dance-music, drama and acting training by experienced and experienced teachers in television.

Provide necessary information through results and trendsetters

Special emphasis on English, Mathematics, Waeheen and Science.

To ensure the education of poor students through intensive education through this program.

Strengthening of students and eliminating different types of rigorous and rowdy rituals (tests). For the sake of the parents, the system of sending the evaluated books of each examination to the house immediately.

Monthly exchange meeting with parents about student progress.

During the next two (2) days, if a student is absent due to physical illness or special reason, arrangements for taking the students to the absence of the absent students. Regular informing parents about the students' education. Awarding the first, second and third positions to each exam. Or guests will take seats in the designated room.

During the class, no parent or guest will be able to enter the class. Each school's school bag will be provided by the school authorities at the scheduled price. Except that bag


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